M&M Speed & Custom Moves To New Digs

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Re: M&M Speed & Custom Moves To New Digs

Post: # 34954Post DINO
Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:47 pm

JUST in From M & M 'Headquarters" -Florida:
Dino ,
Rich asked me to send you pictures of his new pvt office. Jo Ann and I have a separate office ( phone room). We will send you some pictures of the new offices and show room when we get close to getting it done. I have great expectations for our new merchandising format. Our new warehouse is shaping up. Unlike the old set up we are able to step right into the w/h to verify inventory. In addition to the computer checks on inventory we are able too do physical check in less than a minute.
Jo Ann and I are using the new customer contact system thru the computer. I'll give you more update as we go forward.

Jim Cady
Operarations Manager
Southeast Division
M & M Speed and Custom
Richs new office 01.jpg
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Richs new office 02.jpg
Richs new office 02.jpg (48.61 KiB) Viewed 1365 times
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Re: M&M Speed & Custom Moves To New Digs

Post: # 34959Post mikey
Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:42 am

Just some info on a car show this month. Super Chevy Show at Palm Beach International Raceway(formerly Moroso), March 21st through the 24th. M&M will be there with a display, and some cars, G-Body, and Race Cars, "Papas Toy" included. Maybe I can win another Trophy, or Plaque, that would be awesome. ................Mikey :lol:

I forgot to mention that I am now the "Operations Manager" for our Orland/Kissimmee Operation, which is in the works. My title will probably change, and I will keep you all informed of any new information. I've been looking at several possible Showroom/Warehouse type buildings locally in Kissimmee, and there are quite a few good looking places that I'm going to check out further. There are NO G-BODY businesses in the area, and only one well established Speed Shop, Murrays on OBT in Orlando. I know from going there with a couple of friends, that we can definitely beat their prices, and still make money. .............Mikey :lol:

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Re: M&M Speed & Custom Moves To New Digs

Post: # 34960Post Babycakes
Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:42 am

CONGRATS Mikey :!: :!: :!: Wishing you all the success in the future :!: Me and da 'boys' are happy for ya :!: " Motivation Mikey" go for it :!: :D Pete.

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