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To Eliminate the hundreds of bogus spam attempts to 'get into' our forum ...and the unwanted plants of spy wear-virus- and who knows what... we have gone to an Administrator Only acceptance system. .SO TO REGISTER ON OUR FORUM ...Just Apply by CLICKING ON REGISTER and follow the Directions. We at our end will review & approve your request and you'll get a e-mail confirmation. It Is Not automatic...we check EVERYBODY. SUGGESTION.....Try To PICK A USER NAME THAT RELATES TO DOVER-RACING -etc.. so we can pick you out of all the wackos.
If you were waiting to get approved . . .PLEASE E-Mail me at with your user name ...we'll be watching for you.... Open Registraton times & Dates will be announced in "Daily Chat' topic ( Who's on line? the DAILY 'CHAT' that never ends )
& at Dover Facebook page

......................AND HERES THE RULES:
We welcome young, old, foreign and all with a specific passion to the Glory Days Of Dover Drag Strip, but our original members and our staff expect a certain level of respect and an effort to keep things true and on topic.

Maybe you are an old Dover fart with a past. You might be one of the one of the guys that started out racing there or worked there. Or you just spectated. Some here were never were even born when the track operated ,but have a deep seated passion for it. We built this place for you and your posts mean a lot to us. It's Where Dover Guys find Dover Guys and share the past. Hop on and introduce yourself at "New Guys" This is your board.

1. No profanity in subject lines
2. No political/religious/racial posts
3. No Porn.
4. All personal information and submissions to this site is private and protected. You steal it, you're toast.
5. New Users must fill out their profiles. Every bit that you can. Simply click on "User Control Panel" above and get to work.
6. New users, please introduce yourselves in the 'New Guys' heading.
7.-Everything Posted on the Forum is considered copyright free and Becomes protected under the the sites Copyright
once posted .Make sure your source is agreeable.
8 -No photos,Images or Artwork can be copied and used for commercial purposes ,without the express written permission of the Site Administrator AND the original Property owner.
9- Any actions deemed in violation of these rules may cause your privilages to be revoked at the discretion of he administrator.

1. If in doubt, don’t post it
2. Stay on-topic and relevant with your posts… OT posts aren’t generally appreciated by our membership.
3. Gotta easy question? Try using the search function first.
4. Your life here would probably be easier if you complete your profile and introduce yourself before jumping into the deep end...

Dino in ROCK 'n' ham
"Attention in the pits and other parts of your body"
Dino in ROCK 'n' ham
"Attention in the pits and other parts of your body"

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